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Radio correspondent suspended after blaming terror on right-wing lawmaker

"Galei Tzahal" reporter Hadas Shtaif suspended after suggesting that Ben-Gvir’s demand to be appointed Public Security Minister was linked to twin bombing attacks in Jerusalem.

A veteran journalist for Israel’s army radio was suspended from reporting on Wednesday morning’s double terror bombings in Jerusalem after she suggested that the likely appointment of a right-wing lawmaker as Public Security Minister was somehow to blame for the attacks.

Hadas Shtaif, a correspondent for Galei Tzahal, claimed on the air Wednesday morning that Otzma Yehudit faction chief MK Itamar Ben-Gvir’s demand in coalition talks with the Likud that he be appointed Public Security Ministry was “impossible to separate” from the terrorist bombings in the capital.

Does the article interest you?
Howard Kirschenbaum 13:15 24.11.2022
She should be reporting the facts. Not her leftist politics
RaeKat 1967 10:58 24.11.2022
G d Almighty keep us strong and give us clarity.
CaptJinx Marine 09:34 24.11.2022
Someone beat her with an ugly stick. So her face and soul are the same.
Selina 05:31 24.11.2022
By falsely implying the bombings are connected, she put Knesset leaders, Likud specifically, in danger. Free speech does not include irresponsible, dangerous comments that put people in harms way.
Ken Hardin 04:18 24.11.2022
What about Jewish law?
04:03 24.11.2022
Freedom of speech? Not without the 1st Amendment…