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Hamas launches a new book: "The Buses on Fire"

On January 5, 2023, the 27th anniversary of the death of Yahya Ayash, the military wing of Hamas in Khan Yunis launched the publication of the book "The Buses on Fire" in a festive ceremony

The book, whose subtitle is "Holy Revenge Attacks for the Death of Commander Yahya Ayash", was written by Hassan Abdel Rahman Salama, born in Khan Yunis, who is serving cumulative life sentences in an Israeli prison. 

The launch of the book was attended by the commanders of the military branch, senior Hamas officials in Khan Yunis, commanders in the Palestinian police, dignitaries and heads of clans. 

Salama's mother and father also participated in the ceremony. During the ceremony, three videos were shown, in which the work of Hassan Salama and Yahya Ayash was shown, including scenes of charred buses and body parts, which were killed in the attacks (PALINFO, January 5, 2023). 

The participants of the ceremony received copies of the book (Ezz Al-Din Al-Ksam Brigades website, January 5, 2023).

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Sandy Grant 14:32 26.01.2023
Life on Gods earth is short, hatred is such a waste of time
Suzanne Aladjem 06:25 25.01.2023
He will probably receive a Pulitzer Prize on how to murder innocent people 😡😡😡
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