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The Islamic Jihad is angry at Egypt - Why?

In the Islamic Jihad, they lick the wounds of the last round and are already pointing the finger at the "traitors". A source close to the terrorist organization expresses anger at Egypt's conduct and claims that it was part of the "conspiracy".

According to a top PIJ source, the Egyptians gave Jihad a sense of "calmness" before the start of the Israeli bombings.

According to the report, before the start of the operation, the Egyptians informed PIJ that Israel was not looking for an escalation, and it would respond "positively" to release the PIJ members from prison. The Egyptians also said that there will be a meeting of the Israeli government to discuss the issue.

The source stated that these assurances were given to the PIJ by Egyptian intelligence general Abdelkhalek. In Jihad they claim that Egypt sent deliberately false reassuring messages.


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Gideon Arava 15:25 12.08.2022
If the pij were stupid enough to be fooled by Egypt so how can they handle a smart country with the best army like Israel .
CaptJinx Marine 15:15 12.08.2022
Losers alway whine.
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