The Israel Museum is among the world's finest!

The Israel Museum holds  a collection of approximately 500,000 objects, making it one of the leading art and archeology museums in the world. The archeology wing houses a tremendous collection of archaeological findings from the ancient land. The Shrine of the Book wing contains the Dead Sea Scrolls – the oldest biblical manuscripts.

The museum holds many other fascinating items; such as model of Jerusalem during the Second Temple era, and fine arts wing . Among the most unique objects are the interior of a 1736 synagogue from Suriname, and a nail attesting to crucifixion in Jesus’ time.

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15:26 06.08.2022
I would love to travel to Jerusalem and see Isreal! It's exciting learn more about another country's history, Israel's history would be the first one I would love to learn more about!!!
01:25 06.08.2022
How I would love to be there!!!
22:31 05.08.2022
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