Iran Deal
The Biden team is convinced it can change the Iranian Leopard's Spots - Amb. Ettinger

Despite what the U.S. State Dept. appears to believe, history has demonstrated that the Iranian leopard will not change its spots, only its tactics.

Driven by a genuine desire to rid the Middle East and the globe of terrorism and war—and reflecting a long track record and ingrained worldview—Secretary of State Antony Blinken, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Special Emissary Rob Malley and CIA Director William Burns are determined to reach an agreement with Iran’s ayatollahs. They are determined to induce the Iranian leopard to change its spots, not merely its tactics.

Convinced that Iran’s rogue conduct is not driven by an inherent, fanatic, megalomaniacal vision, Blinken is bent on limiting U.S. policy towards Iran to diplomacy, while ruling out the military option and regime change.

The Biden regime is confident that a generous diplomatic and economic package will make the ayatollahs’ regime amenable to negotiation, peaceful coexistence and departure from their 1,400-year-old fanatic, imperialistic vision. The administration is resolved to take lightly the rogue track record of Iran’s ayatollahs since the 1978/79 revolution, which overthrew the pro-U.S. shah, catapulted the rogue ayatollahs to power and transformed Iran into “The Islamic Republic,” which considers the United States to be “The Great Satan.”

Consumed by his view of the ayatollahs as credible negotiating partners, Blinken has decided to accord his assessment of the ayatollahs’ future conduct more weight than the ayatollahs’ past conduct.

Trusting that Iran’s ayatollahs prefer to be preoccupied with butter rather than guns, Blinken’s policy on Iran is focused on diplomatic negotiation, not military confrontation.

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Glenn Amburgy 15:25 14.04.2022
Too bad! I remember what happened under President Carter, when the Shah came to Carter and told him what was about happen. Carter told the Shah not to worry!
Justus Bell 21:59 11.01.2022
Biden is a weak link . He and his people hate this country
Gary Craig 21:39 11.01.2022
The games are gradually increasing in brutality between nations it wouldn’t take much to push some lunatic over the edge let’s start pulling back a littlle. But Iagree with Nick
Gary Craig 21:34 11.01.2022
Blinking will be blinking the rest of his life when he sees how fast their generous offerings converts to nuclear bombs
Doro Sztapi 21:28 11.01.2022
Yes, you’re totally right
21:18 11.01.2022
He’s a puppet n a demented fool.
Nick Horsky 21:05 11.01.2022
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