09:19 PM 02:19 PM EST SEP 21, 2023 JLM 70°F
Israel Cleaning up Pesticide Waste

The Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection is launching an operation to remove pesticide waste from farms all over the country.

As part of the operation, farmers are suggested to dispose of unused pesticides, expired substances, and those that have been taken out of use. The evacuation, collection, and treatment will be done without payment and without taking enforcement and punitive measures against farmers who do not hold a poison permit.

Pesticide waste reaching the environment can harm humans and animals, and pollute soil and water sources. Accumulations of pesticide waste may ignite, spill or disperse and cause a hazardous materials incident in which toxic substances will be released into the air. Pesticide waste dumped in the public domain can poison wildlife and cause serious damage to the ecosystem.

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