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VIDEO: President Trump Trolls Biden Over Bike Fall

Trump trolled Joe Biden over the weekend at the American Freedom Tour in Tennessee.

Donald Trump: "I hope [Biden] has recovered because as you know, he fell off his bicycle. No, I'm serious. I hope he's okay. Fell off a bicycle. I make this pledge to you today – I will never, ever ride a bicycle."

Video source: The Hill
Image source: Reuters

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Jack Waloewandja 03:40 23.06.2022
He and Nancy should have been in a nursing home wearing diapers, they are too old to run the country, let new generations run the country instead
Bobby Barnett 18:06 21.06.2022
When you fall you fail at everything maybe these two go together
15:31 21.06.2022
I really hurt for Brandon because he is being fed false info and no one has his best interest in place including Jill. Shame on all of them😳
Diane Sweetman 14:28 21.06.2022
What on earth was he thinking riding a Bicycle at his age… He could have hit his head! Well I don’t think that would make him a worse pres… he’s already got that title😵‍💫
Carolyn Morton 14:02 21.06.2022
He is not the only one to trip and fall. It happens to the best of us
Ronnie Davis 13:53 21.06.2022
The Liberal Hero!!!
Rolf Storz 13:51 21.06.2022
Bidden has also fallen off his rocker!!!!
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