09:19 PM 02:19 PM EST DEC 5, 2023 JLM 57°F
How will the IDF decide the next campaign in Gaza? 5 months after "The Guardian of the Walls"

In recent decades, the IDF has given up on land maneuvering and implemented the "limited confrontation" approach in the fight against terrorism in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. The IDF returns to the center the need for a military decision through the land maneuver.

Indeed, this trend has been in the process of change in recent years, even if only in the IDF's perceptions and documents, and not as an actual realization. Lt. Col. Aviv Kochavi returned to the center the need for land maneuvering in order to defeat the enemy. The importance of maneuvering is also reflected in the extensive reference noted in the IDF's strategy for 2015 and 2018.

As part of the return of the maneuver to the center, the IDF recently formulated the "South Wind" plan, which aims to bring about a decision in the fight against Hamas and terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip. "Held in May 2021, the IDF feared even using it. This reality indicates huge gaps between theory and practice in the IDF, and requires a fundamental change in both the perception of the operation and the use of force.

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