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Special in Uniform & Eden Ben Zaken!

Eden Ben Zaken, Israel’s #1 pop star, X Factor winner and three-time titleholder of Israel’s Female Singer of the Year, with a breathtaking musical performance with a band of Special in Uniform - IDF soldiers with disabilities.

Special in Uniform

The Israeli military has a secret weapon — a highly trained squad of elite soldiers that’s entirely made up of disabled and autistic teens. Special in Uniform is a Jewish National Fund-USA program that integrates young adults with disabilities into the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and, in turn, into Israeli society. Its core belief is that everyone belongs and has the right to reach his or her full potential.

Special in Uniform focuses on the unique talents of each individual participant to help find a job within the IDF that is a perfect fit for their skills. The attention is on the ability, not the disability, of everyone, encouraging independence and integration into society. 

At the core of Special in Uniform’s success is the warm, personal relationship that develops between the staff and the soldiers with special needs. After all, the loving, professional staff of Special in Uniform plays many roles in the lives of Special in Uniform’s soldiers – family and friends.



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Debra Holm 17:03 03.06.2021
Beautiful - We are all a gift from Adonai to each other!!
Wil K 10:16 02.06.2021