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VIDEO: Iranian Politician in harsh criticism of Khamenei and IRGC!

NEWSRAEL: Having a known politician appear on Iran TV and criticize in this manner Khamenei and the IRGC would have been unthinkable just a year or two ago. Iranians are no longer afraid, and that is an important message in itself. The question is: will the Biden administration save the Ayatollahs and enter into a bad "Iran Deal" and release sanctions? Or will it force it to leave Iran and let these people live and prosper?

- Khamenei's 'sensitivity' prevents Iran from alleviating tensions with the world
- IRGC keeps Iranians from identitfying with the country
- Iran tries to block satllites so Iranians will not see what is happening in the world and compare it to their reality
- The majority of Iranians support freedom of choice regarding wearing the hijab
- Investors only choose countries in which there is a consistent and transparent rule of law, even if these are undemocratic countries
- Israel is humiliating us on a daily basis now

Iranian politician Mostafa Tajzadeh, former acting Interior Minister, criticized the foreign policy of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his regime in an interview that aired on Didar News (Iran) on November 14, 2021. He said that the lifting of sanctions against Iran is imperative, and if they are not removed Iran will head towards disaster. 

However, he said, Khamenei has a "sensitivity" on this issue, which everyone knows is "crucial" to solving Iran's problems. Tajzadeh said that "everyone knows" that Iran will face "serious problems" if it does not make peace with the world.

He further said that the involvement of the military and particularly the IRGC in all aspects of running the country is detrimental and detracts from people's identification with it. 

Tajzadeh added that all the countries that have had "economic development in the past 40 years" have based their relations on "productive interactions" with the world, even if they had "bigger conflicts" with the U.S. than Iran in the past. 

"Israel is humiliating us on a daily basis now. Based on Mr. Zarif's recording, Israel has attacked us more than 200 times in Syria. But since we do not report this news here, it feels as if we are not being humiliated. Our society is not showing any reaction to this even though it knows about it.

"Why should such a thing happen? Why should Israel attack us 200 times, and we are unable to retaliate? Where did we go wrong that we have such problems, as a result of those daily cyberattacks, which are putting us to shame on a daily basis. If we do not think of a solution for this, and do not change our policies, this will lead our society to a dead end. Something has got to change here.

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We need to destroy the Taliban they make Hitler look like a Boy Scout
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Deals are only as good as the characters making them.
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