Terror Attack
Event summary of the stabbing attack in Jerusalem

At around 15:15, a terrorist (a 17-year-old Palestinian) arrived at a business on Jaffa Street near the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem and began stabbing two civilians who were inside a business on the street.

Border police officers who were at the scene during routine security activities noticed the incident, sought contact, and fired at it, thus neutralizing it and preventing further civilians from being injured. As a result of the stabbing attack, two civilians needed medical treatment and were evacuated to the hospital.

Many police forces arrived at the scene and began investigating and searching for more suspects in the area. As part of the operation, two more suspects were located and taken for questioning. The Jerusalem District Commander recently conducted a situation assessment during which he assigned the investigation to the Central Unit of the Jerusalem District.

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Paul Durocher 18:31 13.09.2021
Luke 17:1-2
Tony Pettitt 16:39 13.09.2021
What do you expect that is what they are taught in Palestine schools which are funded by the U.N. and now the USA. they are taught to ( kill the Jew where ever you find them ) and to carry a gun too!!
darrel snider 16:05 13.09.2021
Sad brain wash
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