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Denmark: Ex-immigration minister backs plan to deport 35,000 migrants by 2030

Inger Støjberg is a Danish Member of Parliament who served as Minister for Immigration, Integration and Housing between June 2015 and June 2019. Jihad Watch reported last month that Støjberg was impeached for what her opponents deemed to be a drastic step in separating child brides from adult Muslim migrant husbands. She argued rightly that “it was a principled decision designed to protect girls below the age of consent.” Western countries have in effect created a two-tier system: one for citizens who abide by rule of law, and another for those Muslims who live by Sharia rules, even when these are abusive to females.

According to immigration statistics, “At over 800,000, immigrants and their descendants account for some 14 percent of the Danish population of 5.8 million, with Turks, Syrians and Iraqis ranking among the most numerous immigrant communities.”

Back in January, Denmark announced a new immigration policy of “zero asylum seekers,” and vowed a crackdown on “political Islam.”

The country has paid a price for its lax immigration policies, including jihad-preaching Imams, threats to social cohesion, and an inability of a significant number of Muslim migrants to adapt to Danish values. Social Democrat Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen — who has been described as an “anti-immigration left leader” — has “criticised her predecessors for not making sufficiently strict demands on immigrants, such as maintenance requirements and the duty to adapt to Danish values.”

# Europe Refugee Crisis
Dennis Bell 01:32 14.10.2021
Another Iron Maiden. She makes sense.
Dino trump 00:37 14.10.2021
9 yrs to deport 35,000 how slow can you go. Use military deport 1,500 a day problem solved within 30 days. They came with nothing your taxpayer's paid they leave with nothing. Any resistance. Kill
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