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Death toll in coal mine explosion in Turkey rises to 28

An explosion in a coal mine in Turkey's northern Bartin province on Friday killed 28 people, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said, as rescue teams continued to search for people trapped underground.

Authorities said initial indications were that the blast was caused by firedamp, a term referring to methane in coal mines.

Eleven of the 58 rescued miners are still undergoing treatment in hospitals,  but it was not clear how many people were still trapped due to the blast that occurred as 110 people were working.

In 2014, 301 workers were killed in Turkey's worst-ever mining disaster in the western town of Soma, 350 km south of Istanbul.

Source/Photo REUTERS/Cagla Gurdogan

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Patsy Webb 13:15 15.10.2022
If safety is the reason behind this, maybe these this will help them rethink that people are important Shabbat Shalohm
CaptJinx Marine 12:45 15.10.2022
Said they don’t use safety standards from the West.