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Iran tensions, gas prices push Biden to recalibrate US Mid-East policy

In only one and a half years, Joe Biden and his administration has racked up a significant tally of foreign policy failures, almost as if he started off where his mentor, Barak Obama ended.

The colossal failure of the withdrawal from Afghanistan is believed to have upped Russian President Vladimir Putin’s appetite to invade Ukraine further, and Washington is now worried that Beijing could follow suit and invade Taiwan.

Despite the average US voter not traditionally impacted by US foreign policy, record gas prices for Americans have raised questions about why this is happening.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is one of the primary reasons. But Republicans blame Biden for peddling a “clean energy” policy, put forth by mostly progressive Democrats, at the expense of the US becoming energy independent.

Source: Al-Arabiya

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John Naulu 09:30 23.06.2022
The Saudi looks at Biden as weak and a failure. that brought disaster to US military history.
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