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Macron: "Conflict with Israel - much more deadly than 2006"

Against the background of the negotiations on the issue of the maritime border and Hezbollah's threats to attack karish, mACRON in an interview with a Lebanese newspaper mentioned the Second Lebanon War: "Lebanon will not survive a new conflict on the southern border"

French President Emmanuel Macron warns Lebanon against rash decisions regarding its relations with Israel. "Lebanon will not survive a new conflict on the southern border, which will be much more deadly, much more destructive than the one of 2006," said the French president in an interview.

The interview was on the occasion of second anniversary of the disaster in the port of Beirut in which more than 200 people were killed and thousands were injured. The French president spoke again about Paris's support for the land of cedars and also addressed the Iranian nuclear issue.

Source: Ynet

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La Jun 14:01 05.08.2022
Macron will resign!
Pamela Hackner 10:34 05.08.2022
Please Hashem keep Israel safe 🙏
John Steedley 09:08 05.08.2022
David Fellerman 09:05 05.08.2022
Macron can not be trusted!!!