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BREAKING: IDF in Nablus in exchange of fire - WATCH

A large IDF operation is ongoing now in Nablus. Videos attached show exchanges of fire, and Arab reports that more IDF troops have entered the Samaria city.

The same reports say that at least 10 terrorists have been wounded. 

IDF troops are surrounding a house where a wanted terrorist is hiding.

Arab reports say that an anti-tank missile was shot at the house.

Israeli reports that there are no injuried among IDF troops.


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Omutana Daniel 06:41 09.08.2022
Am sure the IDF will defeat those hooligans
Phillip Avalos 05:05 09.08.2022
getting it done!!✡️✡️🇮🇱🇮🇱
05:04 09.08.2022
God Bless the IDF.