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Saudia Arabia expels Lebanese Ambassador

Lebanese channel MTV reports, according to sources in the Persian Gulf, that some countries are considering expelling the Lebanese ambassador from their territory, or evacuating their embassies in Lebanon, due to statements by Lebanese Information Minister George Kurdahi published this week, in which he expressed a position perceived as anti Saudi Arabia regarding the war in Yemen.

Kan Hadashot from Israel adds:

Saudi Arabia allocates 48 hours to the Lebanese ambassador in Riyadh to leave the country, and stops importing Lebanese products into the kingdom. It was also decided to call on the Kingdom Ambassador to Lebanon to come to Riyadh for consultation.

A statement from the ministry said: "The terrorist Hezbollah's control over the decisions of the Lebanese state has made it an arena for carrying out a the agenda of foreign countries that do not bring good things to Lebanon." 

The kingdom also imposed a blanket ban on all imports from Lebanon.

Image: Reuters

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Dennis Bell 19:10 30.10.2021
Well Lebanon just cut its own throat.
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