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The Jewish Point Video Show - The Ancient Gihon Spring

City of David, In 1995, when the Ir David Foundation began construction of a new visitor's center above the Gihon Spring, startled workers uncovered a wealth of archeology buried deep underground.   

Construction was immediately halted in favor of a massive archeological effort. To date, the excavations have unearthed the remains of a massive fortressed compound built in the Middle Bronze Period, close to 3,800 years ago, whose function was to protect a large pool that collected the diverted waters of the Gihon Spring.  

A secret underground tunnel led the inhabitants of Jerusalem deep into the earth to draw their water from this pool when the city was under siege.
A small shaft uncovered directly over the source of the Gihon Spring sheds light on the story of the coronation of the young King Solomon "on the Gihon" as his mother Bathsheba, Nathan the Prophet and the People of Israel cheered on as recorded in Kings I, 1:38

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I love Israel
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God bless Israel.
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