The War in Syria
Soldiers from the Syrian 4th Division attacked a Lebanese border town

Lebanese media reported that Syrian regime forces and a group of criminals attacked the border town of Altfil between the two countries and destroyed civilian property.

The Lebanese website "Genobia" reported that a force of soldiers from Division 4 of the Syrian regime's forces, which numbered more than 30 members, attacked the town and began destroying trees inside the village of Altfil - al-Hafil and destroying several houses.

The site added that the Syrian attack force tried to kidnap a Lebanese civilian, but they were forced to confront the town's residents who had gathered in the area, and when the Lebanese army arrived, the Syrian soldiers fled to the area of Assal al-Ward - Syrian Assad.

The Lebanese National News Agency reported that armed clashes took place inside the border town of Altfil, amid real estate disputes, and an attempt to uproot cherry orchards.

The Lebanese news agency confirmed that the Lebanese army was pursuing the shooters, and a car with weapons and blood marks was later found.

There have recently been reports in the Syrian media that Division 4 forces have been deployed along the border with Lebanon in order to increase the various smuggling operations they are engaged in to liven up and finance their activities while trying to narrow the steps of Hezbollah drug traffickers who have expanded deep into Syrian territory.

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