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The GSS deciphered a shooting attack in Lod that occurred on May 21 in which an Israeli was injured

During Operation Guardian of the Walls in May 2021, a series of serious shooting attacks and severe violence and terrorism took place in the city of Lod.

One of the shooting attacks was carried out on May 13, 2021, during severe riots against the background of Operation Guardian of the Walls, on Exodus Street in the city of Lod. In the attack, a Jew was lightly to moderately injured as a result of gunfire at a group of Jews on the street.

The publication was allowed that following an investigation by the General Security Service (GSS - Shabak) in cooperation with the Israel Police, two residents of Lod were arrested in their late twenties - Amsalem Hasson and Eid Hasson.

As part of their investigation by the GSS, it emerged that the two carried out the shooting attack and were also involved in other riots that occurred in the city of Lod during May 2021.

At the end of the investigation, an indictment was filed in the Lod District Court for serious offenses.

The General Security Service and the Israel Police take the involvement of Israeli citizens in terrorism very seriously and continue, even over time, to act resolutely to decipher all terrorist incidents carried out during Operation Guardian of the Walls and to fully implement the law.

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