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VIDEO: Israel's new "The Silent Foil": Get to know the "Shrekrak"

In a secret operation without the enemy being able to hear the engine, staying in the air for about two hours and with an accuracy of up to 100 km, a new weapon system from the Elbit company is presented for the first time.

The system is intended for infantry forces that operate in the field and can operate several tools that can attack tanks and even motorcycles that are in motion. Watch!

Elbit Systems presents for the first time at the biannual IDEX defense exhibition held in Abu Dhabi, which is currently taking place the "Sherkarak": roaming weaponry. This is a system with a fully autonomous capability that enables detection, acquisition of a target, and accurate hitting using a warhead weighing ten kilograms, which is installed in the body of the weapon.

The electric propulsion gives the tool a low acoustic signature that allows covert operation over the target area without the enemy hearing the hum of the engine and achieving surprise before an attack. This mode of operation provides a critical advantage on the battlefield.

The remote operated drone allows infantry units or special units to reveal and attack the targets. The smart drone is 2.5 meters long and weighs only 35 kilograms, data that allows the infantry force to take several tools and use them.

Source: Amir Buchbut - Telegram - VIDEO: Elbit systems

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Anthony Bowker 11:05 24.02.2023
Iran can not be allowed to acquire nukes . Therefore either the US or Israel will have to or otherwise jointly together.
Anthony Bowker 11:03 24.02.2023
Excellent . If however these high tech drones fail to neutralize Iran’s nukes I would support them using the Israeli Air Force to take out Iran’s nuclear reactors . Also I would support a US strike
Jeanne Ferguson 22:01 23.02.2023
Nice 👍
Yeheskel Sharbani 21:19 23.02.2023
Amazing. Bravo Israel
Suzanne Aladjem 21:15 23.02.2023
More brilliant innovations to protect its citizens
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