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Activists to build 10 outpost settlements during Biden visit

Senior Israeli officials from the Judea and Samaria settlement movement are planning to establish new outpost communities in the area during President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel next month, Israel Hayom reported Monday.

In a bid to embarrass the Biden administration, a number of leaders from the settlement movement, including the Nahala movement led by Daniella Weiss and Tzvi Sharbaf, are organizing ten groups of activists to establish ten new outpost communities at key sites across Judea and Samaria during Biden’s Israel visit.

Sources in the settlement movement cited in Monday’s report said that the plan was drawn up as a response to an alleged effort by the Israeli government to slow implementation of the Evyatar deal, so as to avoid friction with the US during Biden’s visit.

Source: Israel National News (INN)

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Henry Lee 07:11 06.06.2022
With the Biden administration you really have to be careful. Don't let your guard down and get yourself frustrated.
Suzanne Aladjem 07:09 06.06.2022
Israel needs to do what’s best for their citizens, Biden will be gone but settlements will stay. Biden needs to fix he’s horrific problems in the US and stop appeasing the Arabs at Israel’s expense.
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