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Capabilities of Israeli drones revealed for the first time

The IAF officer who spoke with the media said: When our drones attack "nobody will hear it, nobody will see it coming." It will be at enough altitude that the drone's engines will not be heard on the ground.

Israeli drones are loaded with bombs that fall freely on the target, and can carry weapons weighing a ton. Such drones navigate from afar, drop bombs or carry out surveillance. The drones do not destroy themselves but return to their home base after the operation is done.

Israeli drones are armed with bombs that do not produce noise or smoke when they fall, making it difficult for enemies to observe or prepare for them. The largest model of the drones can carry up to a ton of ammunition.

Such drones navigate remotely, drop bombs or conduct surveillance and return to home base. They are different from the suicide drones used in the weekend attack on a weapons factory in Isfahan, an incident that Israel has declined to comment on.

The Reuters news agency, which reported on this, quoted a senior officer in the IDF as saying that the armed drone fleet includes the passenger plane-sized Heron TP, manufactured by the Israeli Aerospace Industries, and the smaller Elbit company Hermes.

"The first," said the officer, "is the heaviest drone the IDF has, which can carry weapons, with an effective payload of around a ton. 

The officer, whose name was not published, given the sensitivity of the issue, said that any sale of drones capable of carrying of bombs is sold from "government to government" without intermediaries, which negates the need to advertise the drones in the arms market.

All the drones' ammunition is Israeli-made, the officer said, and explained that the bombs drop from it by free fall and the landing speed can reach the speed of sound. Such bombs will not have propulsion systems, and thus they do not cause noise and no smoke.

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[Anonymous] 19:57 06.02.2023
IF YOU WOULD SEE A MIRACLE….., BEHOLD THE NATION OF ISRAEL!!! Thank You Almighty Jehovah for this precious piece of land, called ISRAEL, Which You gave to Your people, the apple of Your eye, THEJEWS
[Anonymous] 19:52 06.02.2023
No one can challenge the brilliant Israeli minds in every spectrum of life. The amazing discoveries and inventions and brilliant ideas that come out of that tiny nation is Absolutely mind blowing!!!!!
Anthony Bowker 22:06 04.02.2023
Unlike the cheap drones that hit Iran recently. Had it been an Israeli attack the drones would have done serious damage and returned to base unharmed.
Sylvain Ubersfeld 20:41 04.02.2023
Top jewish brains for top security .. No one can challenge. ...!
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