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Fiancé of the murdered man, Eliyahu Kay in the attack in Jerusalem: "Eli was the strongest person I knew"

Eli Kay's relatives immigrated to Israel less than a year before he was shot dead by a terrorist in the Old City. "He received them all," his girlfriend Jean lamented, and his brother said the 26-year-old "gave his life for the country and fell as a hero." His funeral will be held tomorrow in Givat Shaul

The family of Eli Kay, who was killed today (Sunday) in a terrorist attack in the Old City of Jerusalem, paid tribute to him. "We are all shocked and hurt. Eli loved the country, all he wanted was to serve the State of Israel," they said. The funeral of the 26-year-old from Modi'in will take place tomorrow in the Givat Shaul cemetery.

"Eli fell as a hero, in the way that suits him best," his brother Hanan said. "Everything he did he did in all seriousness, whether it was to immigrate to Israel, his time in the yeshiva or when he excelled in a cadet course, his work in the new guard. He decided to live in the are of the Gaza Strip on the border.

His older brother, Katriel, got married a few weeks ago. "Eli was my best friend, just an amazing person. We will keep a high head and be happy, he would not want us to be sad. He died for our country."

"He loved the country, came here alone. He fought for the country. He had various injuries in the military," said his partner, Jean Schiff. "He is the strongest person I have known, mentally and physically. The smartest. Caring, considerate and gentle, and very loving. He accepted everyone, no matter where they came from."

Eli worked as an information guide at the Western Wall plaza. He immigrated to Israel alone in 2016 to serve in the IDF and was assigned to the 202nd Battalion of the Paratroopers Brigade. Less than a year ago, his family came to Israel following him and his brother, and found a home in Modi'in.

After his release from the IDF, Eli joined Hashomer Hahadash's "Mahel and Migdal" program. "Shocked and hurt, we received the news of Eli's heinous murder," the organization said. He was a talented musician and brought with him light wherever he went. Upon completion of the program Eli even remained to coordinate the program and led a group of graduates in the agricultural work of the program. We lost a valued, Zionist guy, the salt of the earth who came to Israel out of a real mission."

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Pamela Hackner 15:45 22.11.2021
BDE may his Nashama rest in peace.
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