Former MK and Rabbi indicted for ‘walking too slowly’ on Temple Mount

Yehuda Glick to face charges nearly two years after an incident which stemmed from him “walking too slowly” on the Temple Mount.

Former Knesset member and right-wing activist Yehuda Glick was slapped with an indictment by the Israeli police on Wednesday, over an incident in which security forces allege he “walked too slowly” during a visit to the Temple Mount.

According to Hebrew language media, Glick has been banned from the holiest site in Judaism until further notice.

The incident over which he is now facing criminal charges began when Glick allegedly “walked too slowly, contrary to police instructions” at the Temple Mount in February 2020.

Police say that Glick had left his original tour group in order to spend more time at the site, and refused to join another tour group. Security policies at the Temple Mount require that Jewish visitors tour the compound in a group, accompanied by armed guards.

When Glick declined to join another organized group and continued to walk around the site, he was detained by police.

At the police station, he then allegedly removed police documents, including a memo about his conduct at the site, from an interrogator’s desk while the detective left the room.

Because of this action, police say, he should be charged with obstructing the course of an investigation.

In September 2021, Glick was turned away from the entrance gate at the Temple Mount and was told he was banned from the site, but not given an explanation as to why.

It’s unclear why the Israeli police waited nearly two years to indict Glick over the alleged theft of police documents.

Several right-wing NGOS have come to Glick’s defense, charging that the police ban and indictment are politically-motivated.

Tom Nisani, CEO of Beyadenu, which supports the rights of Jews to pray and visit the Temple Mount, said the potential charges against Glick were not made in the interest of public safety.

“Beyadenu opposes the indictment against former Knesset member Yehuda Glick, which stems from a desire to silence, persecute, and limit paths for those who dare to fight for the rights of Jews on the Temple Mount,” Nisani said.

“We are Yehuda, we are with you, and with everyone who is persecuted by the police. We will continue to fight for the Temple Mount.”

Image: Knesset Member Yehuda Glick on Temple Mount, Aug. 29, 2017. (Youtube/Screenshot)

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John Tucker 22:09 13.01.2022
What is going on?, aren't you free to walk and talk? As fast or slow as you feel like, I understand he should have done what they said but Walking to slow? Years Ago? What is going on??
Dennis Bell 17:08 13.01.2022
We need to limit it to two pagans in the dome at a time. This will stop riots and murder in the area.
Marine x 16:32 13.01.2022
Fancy that a Jewish Rabbi walking too slowly on Israeli land and he gets charged for it as if he is a criminal. Totally ridiculous
Tony Pettitt 15:49 13.01.2022
Archaeology proves that there were two Temples on the Mount. But the Arab people say don’t believe your eyes believe us. No thanks I’ve seen you lie to many times to promote an agenda of lies
Tony Pettitt 15:42 13.01.2022
The Arabs want everyone to believe that the Jews have no right to claim the Temple Mount. They want everyone to believe the big Arab lie that there was never a Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount
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