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Hamas Tries Extortion

Hamas was soundly defeated by Israel in an 11-day campaign in May, and now is threatening to restart hostilities if Israel does not permit tens of millions of dollars supplied by Qatar to be handed over, in cash, directly to Hamas for distribution to the 100,000 poorest families in Gaza.

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Jeffrey Paulsen 23:41 22.08.2021
I agree with what has been said and also comments. Israeli’s were born at night, but not last night. Israel’s are too smart too fall for those lies.
darrel snider 00:25 22.08.2021
No hamas you lose time to eliminate your hamas off face of earth
Chris Morrow 21:50 21.08.2021
Supply nothing Afghan got Joe took USA supplies and amo
Marine x 20:17 21.08.2021
The poorest people won't see one cent, it will go straight into the pockets of the corrupt leaders who in turn will use it to build more weapons and tunnels
Ellen Sampson 20:04 21.08.2021
Not surprised, the definition of Hamas(Chamas) in Psalms is violence, wrong, robbery.
Alma Deleon 19:33 21.08.2021
These lying snakes. Who do they think they are talking too. If anyone knows Qatar its Israel and they know very well the poor are getting zippo, nada, nothing.