Bennett to Gold Medalist: 'Congratulations on Your Tremendous Achievement'

Israeli President Issac Herzog congratulated Friday Paralympic Games gold medalist Mark Malyar for his monumental achievement.

“Mark, it is so exciting. Nothing can stop you. A gold medal and a world record in blue and white. I wish you and your brother, and also your special coach Yaakov Beininson, more medals in the rest of the games. Congratulations!” Herzog said over the phone.

The president was referring to Malyar’s twin brother who is also participating in the Tokyo competition.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett joined in on the appraisals, tweeting: “Mark Malyar and Iyad Shalabi -- our world champions! In the name of the State of Israel, I congratulate you on your tremendous achievement and two gold medals, and on Malyar’s world-breaking record!”

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Kenneth Greene 20:24 27.08.2021
Way to go,God bless you Israel.
darrel snider 20:13 27.08.2021
Congrats on gold metal keep winning
Shirley Anne 20:10 27.08.2021
Mazal Tov Malyar 🤩 🥇 Tov L’Hodot ✡️ 🇮🇱 to HaShem 🙌🏼 💞
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