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WATCH: Turkey-Based Hamas official: Egypt is besieging and killing us!

NEWSRAEL: Hamas-Nazis are a danger to the whole world. Their lust for blood know no boundary

Turkey-based Hamas official Talal Nassar said in a March 25, 2024 show on Channel 9 (Turkey) that Egypt is an "accomplice" to Israel's siege and killings in the Gaza Strip and that there is no distinction between Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who he referred to as "Stinki." 

It should be noted that Channel 9 did not post the show to its YouTube video channel, but this specific excerpt was posted by the host to his personal account.

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Mike Galarneau 03:25 03.04.2024
Hey Now. Where's your Trust in Allah Dude!
kevin mahaney 23:47 02.04.2024
This is hilarious. They always play the victim! 🤣
Neil Frank 23:36 02.04.2024
No. The text was too skimpy. Does not provide much relevent info.
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