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Following the destruction of a Hezbollah observation post in the Golan, the Syrian soldiers in the sector were warned

Last night, Israel, by direct tank firing, attacked a position of the 90th Brigade of 1st Syrian Army Recruits near the town of Al-Khatnia in the Syrian Golan. According to Syrian sources, this position is manned by Hezbollah fighters who are observing Israeli territory.

The bombed-out post is considered one of the most important military points in which the commander-in-chief, Javad Hashem, is responsible for the Golan Heights' Golan Heights portfolio.

Tonight, the Syrian news site Yedioth Daraa and its surroundings published that IDF unmanned aerial vehicles today dropped leaflets in the Quneitra area calling on Syrian army soldiers to not cooperate with Hezbollah who are exploiting them, putting them in harm's way by the IDF.

In the leaflets placed on the positions of the 90th Brigade deployed along the Golan Heights border from Quneitra and north, in addition to the warnings to Syrian army soldiers there are also pictures of the following personalities:

- Hezbollah commander - Javad Hashem.

- One of the Assad militia officers, who is the commander of the 90th Brigade patrol company, Bashar Hussein, is also in charge of the cooperation project between the Assad militia and Hezbollah.

- Commander of the Syrian 90th Brigade - Hussein Hamush.

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