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Joe Biden Can’t Remember How Long He Has Been President

I know how he feels. I wish I couldn’t remember that Old Joe Biden has been president at all. But the old man apparently thinks that he has been playing the role of president for longer than he actually has: on Thursday, he boasted that “the unemployment rate is 3.6 percent, down from 6.4 percent when I took office nineteen months ago.”

He has actually only been in office for fifteen months, although you’d think his administration would have needed fifteen years, or five hundred, to do all the damage it has done.

There are several aspects of this that make it a larger problem than just a little verbal slip. First is the fact that if we didn’t have the video, we might never have known that Biden made this particular gaffe at all.

The transcript has this: “The unemployment rate is 3.6 percent, down from 6.4 percent when I took office.” There is not a hint that anything has been altered.

Just three weeks ago, on April 3, I predicted this: “We’re only a few steps away from erasing the real remarks that Biden made, instead of just crossing them out and correcting them, and replacing them with an entirely fictional version of what he said. Inconceivable? Not at all.”

What has posted is not entirely fictional, but it gives the reader no impression whatsoever that Biden misspoke yet again, and given all the justifiable concern about the putative president’s mental deterioration, that’s as actively misleading as if had posted the Gettysburg Address as a new statement from Old Joe.

Some might insist that this is simply a matter of Joe misreading the teleprompter. That could be, but back in January 2022, when Biden said that “there is a lot of reason to be hopeful in 2020,” that was harder to blame on the teleprompter. 

This was the same Biden who asked on March 4: “How did we get to the place where, you know, Putin just decides he’s gonna invade Russia? Something like this hasn’t happened since World War II.” Biden also declared in his State of the Union address that “Putin may encircle Kyiv with tanks, but he’ll never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.” 

On the same day he extended his tenure as president by four months, he more famously confused the mask mandate with Title 42, the Trump-era law that at least partially staunches the flow of migrants across the Southern border. He has mistaken his wife for the vice president and the vice president for his wife.

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Emma Davidson 02:41 25.04.2022
He is too compromised by our enemy, china. He HAS to what they order him to or they find the to expose him, his son and his brother for their crimes. That guy is not good. He is a traitor.LOCK HIM UP
02:01 25.04.2022
(Contd) just treat them with respect. And offer positive alternatives instead of mean/ spirited name calling, the way one uninformed woman is constantly doing.
01:58 25.04.2022
Biden is a good man and has long experience in Congress.Harris has long experience in the legal field. These are good people with many years of public service. You don’t have to agree with them
21:58 24.04.2022
No it’s going to be which Pelosi 🧟‍♀in which Kabbalah yeah they would get rid of the🤡and not the other way around yeah that’s what which Pelosi wants hard to say who the third person person willbe👺
21:40 24.04.2022
The poor man is also ignorant that he is being used by his own party as is Harris. They all must GO!
21:27 24.04.2022
Well , we can honestly say “Too damn long”!
Charles Baughman 20:40 24.04.2022
Pudding Brain and the Hyena MUST go. And Peelousy too.
Steven Kennedy 20:15 24.04.2022
It can only get worst. IF there is a mental problem of any kind, we have a totally inexperienced VP who does not have any where near the experience to take on the Oval Office.
eko eko 20:12 24.04.2022
If you get "rid of" bidden & harris ... we get polosi! Need to find alternatives.
Glenn Amburgy 20:12 24.04.2022
I heard on a news program yesterday that the democrats will replace President Biden after the midterm elections. Mmmmmm…
20:05 24.04.2022
He’s not our President We need to get rid of Biden and Kamala too
Robbie Temple 20:05 24.04.2022
Boy is he getting more dumb and dumber by the day
Dori Mayer 20:04 24.04.2022
He can’t do this anymore.. we have to stop this!!
20:03 24.04.2022
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