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Ukraine threatens Syria: Do not accept stolen wheat

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kolba has said that anyone involved in the transport and sale of grain stolen by Russia in the occupied territories of the country will face legal consequences.

"Russia is a criminal three times: it bombed Syria and turned it into a wave of rubble, occupied part of Ukraine, and now it sells stolen Ukrainian grain to Syria," the ministry's press service quoted Kolba as saying.

"Anyone who sells, transports or buys stolen grain is an accomplice to the crime," Kolba said.

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Mark Brajnikoff 20:28 31.05.2022
The innocent people being murdered in the Ukraine are not nazi pigs. They are just innocent people. Karma has nothing to do with the murder of innocent people.
Bro Hes 01:14 16.05.2022
GOP USCongress must overrule Democrats and Biden to declare war on Russia and quickly defeat it, as God is with USAGOP. Amen אמנ. USAGOP: 100% USMilitary.
John Ross 18:48 15.05.2022
Yeah like the fuckin Ukraine was innocent during the holocaust!! The Ukes were complicit and sided with the nazi pigs.. karma is a bitch Ukraine
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