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IDF warns Gazans of Hamas’ collapsing tunnels

Maj. Avichai Adraee, the IDF’s spokesperson in Arabic, has issued a warning to the residents of the Gaza Strip following several landslides in the area, the result of the collapse of Hamas’ terror tunnel network.

Adraee stated on Monday that in the last month, the Gaza Strip witnessed more than three such collapses. “According to estimates, the cause of these collapses is linked to the underground system of Hamas,” he noted in Arabic.

“These events are a new example, but not the only one, of Hamas’ absurd use of civilian areas. It is unpredictable when the earth will shake again under the feet of the Gazans because of this blatant exploitation that the population pays for over and over again,” he stated.

“Residents of Gaza, I suggest that you be aware of the activities of Hamas in your areas,” he warned.

It appears that the recent rains have brought to the collapse of the tunnels, many of which are built in the sand, and with cheap and weak materials. Several Gazans working for Hamas and the Islamic Jihad have died in these tunnel collapses in recent years.

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James Morrin 12:04 30.11.2021
Is the the Hamas and Has-bola terror attacks over or partially over? Does the US pay Hamas and has-bola money not to do terror attacks against Jews?
darrel snider 11:22 30.11.2021
Great destroy them
Edna Purcell-Diaz 05:58 30.11.2021
Doesn’t the scripture say that they will be snared by their own devices? May they never succeed to cross over to sneak up on innocent Jewish people in Israel.
Tony Pettitt 05:20 30.11.2021
Good l hope everyone involved in building those tunnels get buried in them. They deserve to die for plotting murder on the Jewish people GOD’s chosen one’s
05:09 30.11.2021
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