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DM Gantz at the inauguration ceremony of the barrier around the Gaza Strip

Defense Minister Gantz at the inauguration ceremony of the barrier: "An iron wall, concrete and sensors are placed between Hamas and the residents of the south"

Defense Minister Benny Gantz today inaugurated the security barrier around the Gaza Strip with the participation of Deputy Defense Minister Alon Schuster, Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, Director General of the Ministry of Defense Maj. Gen. (Res.) Amir Eshel, Commander of the Southern Command Maj. Gen. Eliezer Toledano , Head of the Borders and Seams Brigadier General Eran Ofir, senior officials in the Ministry of Defense and the IDF and heads of authorities in the Gaza Strip.

During the ceremony, he said: "The barrier, which is a technological and operational project, first and foremost, deprives Hamas of one of the capabilities it tried to develop, and places an iron wall, sensors and concrete, between it and the residents of the south. This will serve to allow this beautiful region to continue to grow.

The routine of life here is our great victory, and it is the greatest enemy of terrorist organizations. We will continue to prepare to neutralize all of Hamas' ability to harm Israeli citizens - with an emphasis on the rocket threat that is currently on target, from within the Gaza Strip.

We will do everything we can to prevent the flow of Iranian knowledge and technology into Gaza, and we will continue to disrupt and thwart any attempt by Hamas to operate its branches in Judea and Samaria or in Israel."

Gantz added: "In order to change the reality in Gaza, our demands are simple and clear - a cessation of terrorism, a cessation of the the military strengthening of Hamas, long-term silence, and the return of the boys. We work for this night and day, and operations take place below and above the surface. We will deal with the promotion of these issues - and not with idle threats."

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