Iran Protests
Khamenei’s own ranks are warning of Iran’s troubling circumstances

Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the mullahs ruling Iran, by appointing Ebrahim Raisi as president of his regime, sought to silence and intimidate the country’s restive society.

In that year, Iran’s society has not been quelled and, on the contrary, the number of protests has increased since Raisi became the regime’s president.

High prices are pushing people to their last bit of tolerance,” said Majlis member by the name of Seyed Kazem Mousavi. “Prices are skyrocketing and increasing by the hour, and the Raisi government has let the markets to be, refusing to take any action,” said Sadif Badri, a member of the regime’s Majlis. 

Source: Imfat

# Iran Protests
David Dangcil 03:17 23.06.2022
That’s because he is steep in his failing ideology, sacrificing his people for the sake of a proven ingrained ingestion of hate and sorrow.
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