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Palestinian banners dangerously hung over Toronto freeway removed

Toronto officials confirmed to the Canadian Jewish News on Tuesday that several pro-Palestinian banners illegally hung over a highway had been taken down.

Complaints were raised on social media that the banners — hung over the Jameson Avenue bridge over the eastbound Gardiner Expressway — could come loose and fall on motorists.

It’s not known who put up the banners, nor was it clear who took them down. A crew sent to remove the banners from the bridge found they were already gone, the city officials told CJN.

One banner said, “honk your horns for Palestine.” Another said, “boycott, divest, sanction” and “weapons ban on Israel. A large Palestinian flag was also hung. Several smaller Palestinian flags were also visible.

In a statement to the CJN, Toronto municipal spokesman Eric Holmes said, “Hanging flags and banners from City-owned bridges, especially over expressways, without permission from the City of Toronto is dangerous and illegal.”

The statement urged people to call the police if they see banners or flags illegally hanging from city bridges so they can be removed.

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