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Ukraine has become a testing ground for modern and smart weapons

Ukraine activated a state-of-the-art and most advanced software system that it received from the West that helped it regain control of the city of Kherson. *- This software system was defined by experts as "may shape the wars of the future"

This was confirmed by Western military officials, who revealed that 3 months ago a new weapon "very important and very valuable on the battlefield" arrived in Kiev.

This "weapon" was an intelligent program or information system over the Internet, to track Russian movements, known as "Delta".

But this "Delta" software package was not used with "critical" efficiency until a few days ago.

The system went into optimal operation during the Ukrainian advance towards the city of Kherson.

Its use opened eyes to its importance, and to the possibility that it might shape future wars in the future.

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Rhoda Wright 04:46 16.11.2022
Eyes 👀 opened up now??