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Antisemitism hits US campuses over Rosh Hashana

Anti-Jewish flyers found in student-heavy neighborhood near the University of Michigan; eggs thrown at Jewish fraternity in New Jersey’s Rutgers.

Antisemitism reared its head over the Jewish New Year holiday in two incidents aimed at least in part at college students over 800 miles apart in the United States.

Anti-Jewish flyers were found Sunday morning on the eve of the holiday in several neighborhoods of Ann Arbor, Michigan, including those of students who attend the nearby University of Michigan. Plastic baggies containing several pages of antisemitic propaganda were thrown onto lawns and driveways.

Image - Twitter/Screenshot

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Patsy Webb 04:31 29.09.2022
The most ignorant people in the world are college students. You can turn their head with a pizza, no knowledge of real politics.
23:05 28.09.2022
Sadly these reprobates “college students” that treat Jews poorly probably have no clue what their hate is about . Just ignorance.
Edna Purcell-Diaz 19:12 28.09.2022
John Ross, Amein 👍🏼
Edna Purcell-Diaz 19:11 28.09.2022
Joanne Ferguson …again! Hating other humans reveals their ignorance of our Creator Elohim and they claim to love Him. But we know that hate is taught/learned and so is love
Jeanne Ferguson 17:01 28.09.2022
And it begins
John Ross 16:43 28.09.2022
For sure it’s Muslims that now live in the US doing this.. .. pieces of shit!! And cops are useless!! Trump was great in saying no Muslims from certain countries will be allowed into the US