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EXPOSED: The meeting between the Syrian regime's intelligence chief and his Saudi counterpart

Syrian Government Reconciliation Commissioner Amar Rahmon - revealed a meeting between Syrian intelligence chief Maj.

Rahmon posted a picture on his personal Facebook page showing the meeting of Luka and al-Hamidan, saying: The bilateral meeting took place on the sidelines of the Arab Intelligence Forum in Egypt, which was attended by the Syrian regime's intelligence director.

He continued, "(It seems that) things are moving towards a close Syrian-Saudi settlement, and the opening of a new page after Saudi interests have changed positively towards Syria, stressing that security meetings have never stopped, but they were secret meetings and today they are public."

It is worth noting that although talks on the resumption of relations between Saudi Arabia and Syria have been going on for a long time, there have been no movements on the ground so far, and talk has resurfaced after the UAE foreign minister visited Damascus in the middle of last week.

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