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PM Netanyahu in video message: There is no way we are not going back to fighting until the end

"From the beginning of the war, I set three goals - the elimination of Hamas, the return of all our abductees, and to ensure that Gaza will never again be a threat to Israel. These three goals remain in place.

In the last week we achieved a very great achievement - the return of many dozens of our abductees. A week ago it would have sounded imaginary, but we achieved it.

But in the last few days I hear a question - after this phase of returning our abductees is exhausted, will Israel return to fighting? So my answer is an unequivocal yes.

There is no way we are not going back to fighting until the end. This is my policy, the entire cabinet stands behind it, the entire government stands behind it, the soldiers stand behind it, the people stand behind it - this is exactly what we will do."

NEWSRAEL: Netanyahu, Gallant, Gantz, the IDF and other security arms have been saying every day during this "pause" in the fighting that without any doubts, this was only the end of the first stage of the war.

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Mark Brajnikoff 03:57 04.12.2023
More Russian propaganda to create a split between the US and Israel. Beware of anti-semites challenging Israel and Biden. Also, as long as the US supports Israel, it will exist. God Bless the IDF.
daytiray karay 18:39 01.12.2023
PM Natanyahu, do not be afraid, take Gaza in your own hands..The God of Power & Might is with you to protect you & the IDF soldiers! Elimination of all HAMAS IS A MUST!
mo colar 20:05 30.11.2023
I'm American jew I was there 2020b4 covid mydream came through spirtuallywow I still feel it.we will WIN bbwilldoitGodisthere👁its ourhomeland4evr He gave it2ustrustbbwatch ittakehamasout4evrgoneiran2
[Anonymous] 18:26 30.11.2023
Pray for Israel and there leaders and armed forces. God bless Israel
[Anonymous] 23:32 29.11.2023
Give Hamas 10 days to release the rest of the hostages or you will nuke them!
mo colar 22:00 29.11.2023
You ppl yell at BIBI you don't I repeat u don't know his mind,he doesn't trust Biden for all the Muss in the world.wait till he gets as many as possibleOUTthan he wil unleash fury as no1knew it had
Michael Sosne 21:54 29.11.2023
Mr. Jensen, (and you are a real piece of drek. That's YIDDISH for shit. I guess by your "words" you are not one of our CHOSEN PEOPLE. ROT IN HELL
[Anonymous] 21:01 29.11.2023
ISRAEL STRONG!!! Go Bibi!!! From Kentucky, USA…
Scottie DiBernardo 20:54 29.11.2023
I find leaving a comment you breeze thru other comments and it is upsetting to some of the because they have not been raised to write their feelings and options in an intelligent manner.
[Anonymous] 20:53 29.11.2023
May God walk with each of your soldiers and protect their backs. Protect your citizens and give them eyes to see Gods Hand at work.Comfort those who have perished and lost loved ones.I Stand with You
Steve Jensen 19:50 29.11.2023
Netanyahu, ur words sound like capitulating bullshit to me. Hamas & the US seem to have you sucking their cocks & dancing to their tune. U have achieved next to nothing except make yourself look weak!
William Fontes 19:05 29.11.2023
It's down with the satanic hamas. dont let them go to fight another day.
Mike Galarneau 17:38 29.11.2023
Stand your ground Bibi. To Hell with Biden AND the UN. Israel Forever!
John Ross 17:18 29.11.2023
What do you expect from the anti-Semitic Democrats with that piece of shit monkey boy Obama, running Biden Israel should threaten the use of nukes. Then maybe the world will leave Israel alone
My Camry 17:11 29.11.2023
Fuck Joe Biden and his trying to blackmail Israel in the background while announcing to the public how he stands with Israel. He’s the puppet of the radical Islamic supporting Barack Hussein Obama.
Heather Redden 17:08 29.11.2023
Yes…Israel MUST!!! Or evil👺 wins… in the spiritual realm we will fight 🤺🙏🧎‍♀️and in the physical…IDF and USA go!!!
Velva Myers 17:06 29.11.2023
DeAntwan Fitts 17:05 29.11.2023
I really like this guy. I've been praying that the Lord will give wisdom and the courage to do what needs to be done. This South LA pastor stands with Israel 🇮🇱🙏🏾
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