Nuclear Iran
Iran’s Nuclear Program: Where is it Going?
Former senior analyst in IDF military intelligence and the Prime Minister’s Office, Lt. Col. (res.) Dr. Raphael Ofek:
From the earliest days of the Iranian military nuclear program, it was directed primarily at Israel, which the revolutionary regime in Tehran deems an archenemy to be completely destroyed.
The ambitions of Biden and the EU countries to reach an agreement with Iran are puzzling. The Iranian regime is essentially a criminal gang that seeks to take over its entire environment through violence.
The words of those in charge in Tehran cannot be trusted, because they use lies and deceptions as weapons. Does it make sense to do business with these people?
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Rhoda Wright 00:21 15.09.2021
Biden constantly lies
Rhoda Wright 00:21 15.09.2021
No not now or ever! Trust this... Biden is leaning onto the evil side He likes Power he's already showing signs of being a Dictator!
Dennis Bell 20:17 14.09.2021
My answer would be the largest bunker buster the F-15 can carry. Plus some thermite missiles to seal the bastards in!!
darrel snider 20:07 14.09.2021
It needs stop
joseph kinhi 18:13 14.09.2021
Iran is NEVER to be trusted! ! !
Denise Marx 18:11 14.09.2021
Biden is over his head! No one makes agreements with gangs. No one!
Paul Durocher 18:11 14.09.2021
The question is, “should anyone who is not evil do business with evil” and the answer is “no”. Making any agreement with one who lies will never turn out well, unless full inspections are allowed.
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