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VIDEO: Secrets Of The Hebrew Language

Hebrew, the ancient language of the Jewish People, was in a frozen state for 2,000 before finally being revived with the return of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel.

This video was made to understand Hebrew’s history, modern revival, and ancient secrets hidden within the native tongue of Am Israel. Watch till the end to learn about practical tools available for learning the language effectively.

Source - Rudy Rochman/Youtube

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21:47 27.10.2022
Nice to learn something about AramaicNobody seem to talk about that language where does it fit in with Hebrew  Jesus spoke Aramac Maybe next time you can talk about that language
Vanaly Palmer 14:37 27.10.2022
This is VERY INTERESTING.. , thank you
Vanaly Palmer 14:37 27.10.2022
Where is the video??
CaptJinx Marine 14:33 27.10.2022
Very cool t-shirt