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VIDEO Report: In NY Times, Hagiography of a Hatemonger Misinforms Readers

The New York Times told readers that Refaat Alareer, a Palestinian poetry professor, teaches students to humanize empathize with Israelis by championing Israeli poetry. 

It sounds lovely. But it's a hoax.

Last month, CAMERA revealed that the New York Times misled readers by whitewashing hatemonger Refaat Alareer.

The newspaper claimed that Alareer, who endlessly spews profanity online about "Zios," and who downplays the Holocaust by casting Israeli Jews as "far worse than" Nazis, is a surprising champion of Israeli poetry and bridge-builder in the classroom.

Video of Alareer candidly teaching students about Israeli poets—the same lesson cast by the New York Times as humanizing of Israelis—shows that the opposite is true. Both online and in his lectures, Alareer demonizes, misrepresents, and incites hate. 

CAMERA's video shows footage from Alareer's 2019 lecture in which he reviles Israeli poetry. 

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