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The first Biden progress - on its knees to Iran?

In a rather rare move, the US allowed the South Korean government to transfer a sum of money to a company in Iran. This permission was given in a special procedure so as not to violate the sanctions imposed on Tehran.

The money worth more than $60 million will be transferred to the Iranian company "Diani". This is a company for the production of electrical products for the home. In 2015, the Iranian company deposited $50 million with the aim of acquiring Daewoo Electronics, which eventually went bankrupt. Diani demanded to get the amount she deposited back but the government in Seoul claimed that it was not possible to do so due to the sanctions. The Iranian company turned to international arbitration and won.

Iran sees the decision as well as a permit granted by the United States as a victory and hopes that it will pave the way for more money transfers that Tehran claims South Korea owes it as a result of the purchase of unpaid oil (an estimated $3.5 billion).

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Pamela Lovejoy 10:05 14.01.2022
I totally agree with your comment. When the rapture takes place that will be a glorious day. I just can't believe how the whole world has gone crazy.
Joan Terflimger 08:09 14.01.2022
The whole world is going crazy & towards it's end, especially the USA, Middle East, China, N. Korea, & then the return of Jesus Christ, can I get an Amen & a Hallelujah!? But 1st the rapture! YES!