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VIDEOS - Joe Biden and his imaginary friends

After Biden finished his speech, he turned around and tried to shake hands with thin air and then wandered around looking confused

This is not even the first time this has happened - in this month!

There is a second video from just last week. Does Biden have an imaginary friend that we do not know about?

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john daubman 02:44 17.04.2022
Richard we aren't the crazy ones you are if you support Biden and his destruction of this country. Since you seem to like communism go live in Russia you commie
Richard Messing 22:14 16.04.2022
You sick buffoons need help. You are as crazy as Trump but we all know that!!
Marine x 20:24 16.04.2022
Poor old Joe, he has completely lost all reality
18:30 16.04.2022
At first we all loved watching Joes gaffs, blunders and speech issues, but enough.America is in desperate need of a mentally and physically competent leader. This Biden Buffoon Is ushering in WW3.
Sue Bishop 17:45 16.04.2022
Everything we heard democrats blame & accuse Trump of, we have seen in Biden in 11/2 yrs. And not 1 single investigation into Biden. Go figure
Robbie Temple 17:44 16.04.2022
Boy does he need to go to the nut House and I hope it's soon too or at least impeach him so he can get some medical help
17:08 16.04.2022
But, it needs to be enforced…
16:54 16.04.2022
Looks like the perfect time for it Lucille!!!!!
Dirk Crisman 16:45 16.04.2022
Lucille Robbins 16:35 16.04.2022
Looks like the very reason our Constitution has the 25th Amendment…..
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