Abbas Wants to ‘Turn the Screws’ on the U.S.

Why exactly are we coddling him in his preposterous demands?

Who cares if the PA suspends its recognition of Israel? How will Israel be harmed, given the Abraham Accords that have allowed it to normalize ties with four Arab states, with more members in the offing, including Saudi Arabia? It is the PA that is on the ropes, abandoned by its most important Arab allies, not the Jewish state that with each passing year becomes stronger economically, militarily, and politically.

Israel is the original Start-Up Nation that has become a technological powerhouse; every major American tech company now has offices in Israel. Israel has more tech companies that are “unicorns” – that is, upon their IPO, they are valued at more than $1 billion — than any country except the U.S. itself. After China, Israel is the foreign country with the most companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. After Japan, Israel is the foreign country with the most American patents.

As reported by Frontpage Mag

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13:35 20.06.2022
Abbas, as Arafat before, has failed the Palestinian people. Corrupt and scantily educated, he behaves more like a vainglorious egomaniac than a statesman. His goals are illusionary and unrealistic
Anna Payton 12:44 20.06.2022
All of this boils down to what GOD IN HEAVEN is doing, Israel is forever, what you do unto Israel will be done unto you. This is all Bibical.
Henry Lee 12:38 20.06.2022
Biden has got himself into a tight spot. He tries to get friendly with PA. Hope Israel can give him sound advice on how to deal with PA.
Jeane Frady 12:34 20.06.2022
Sounds like a rampant case of jealousy. If your so called leaders had put their money back into your country instead of keeping it…….
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