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WATCH: Biden: “White supremacy is the greatest terrorist threat we face in the Homeland.”

“The U.S. intelligence community has determined that domestic terrorism rooted in white supremacy is the greatest terrorist threat we face in the homeland.”

Right, white people are our greatest threat, not the open borders, bribery, money laundering, utter lawlesness in our cities, flash mobs, cartel drug and human trafficking on a massive scale, election fraud, or our complete government being compromised and corrupt. 

The "greatest threat America faces" yet it accounts for less than 0.01% of all murders.

Source: The Geller Report

Does the article interest you?
Selina 02:53 31.08.2023
Pete Pala 00:01 31.08.2023
Don, thanks for that chuckle lol.
Don Sharpe 20:45 30.08.2023
I’ve suspected all along that I was the problem. Please, call me at: 1-800-Reparations. Let me know how I can change. 😂
Pete Pala 20:38 30.08.2023
Pete Pala 20:38 30.08.2023
He needs to be put diwn.
Pete Pala 20:37 30.08.2023
The next thing that's the greatest danger to America is the open border along Mexico allowing international criminal migration, Iran, chiba, cartel members, sex offenders, etc al.
Pete Pala 20:36 30.08.2023
OK what braindead doesn't acknowledge is the greatest threat to America is the revolving door policy of convicted criminals if convicted at all.
Polly Spires 20:32 30.08.2023
Embarrassing is what his whole Administration is no leaders that speak for the American's. Very embarrassed by them. I can't wait until it's time to change this mess God help us stay the course
Kingsley Gorman 20:31 30.08.2023
The greatest threat facing America is the democrat party and Biden, the demented one, who has made treason fashionable.
Polly Spires 20:27 30.08.2023
I guess Biden thinks he's not white but no matter what we all bleed the same red blood
Edith Grumbles 20:04 30.08.2023
He’s such a joke !! But we’re not laughing