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VIDEO: Floods kill at least 53 in Iran

July 29 (Reuters) - Rescuers searched for the missing in Iran on Friday after landslides and floods triggered by heavy rains killed at least 53 people, officials said.

Mehdi Valipour, head of emergency operations at the Red Crescent Society, told state TV that 16 people were still missing after two days of floods that have affected 400 towns and villages in 18 of Iran’s 31 provinces. Many highways were closed.

Video: Trying to save a man from the flood waters

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Justice Sunday 06:55 30.07.2022
let us give our lives entirely to the LORD, because He is coming soon, repent and believe the gospel of truth
C & 05:32 30.07.2022
Iran is reaping what they have been sowing. šŸ™āœļø Those who call upon the Lord will be saved.
Linda Trollinger 03:49 30.07.2022
O wow
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