The Muslim Brotherhood
The Cynical Manipulation of Congress by Ilhan Omar

While ostensibly expressing concern in the wake of reports of war crimes committed by Russian forces in Ukraine, with the aim of enhancing U.S. leadership in the fight against human rights abuses, and in support of international criminal justice, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) recently introduced a series of resolutions in Congress calling on the United States to become a full member of the International Criminal Court.

Her primary aim is to find a way to enhance U.S. activity against Israel through the creation of mechanisms within the U.S. Administration that she could use as platforms to hound Israel.

Her cynical attempt to camouflage this fixation and obsession with Israel by linking it to Ukraine and by couching this in language and terminology that she knows will generate sympathy and wide identification is intended to mislead Congress, the American public and media.

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10:58 05.05.2022
Her time is limited, though the collateral damage she caused will take years to repair Same goes for the Biden administration.
Michael Sosne 01:19 05.05.2022
19.37 you anti semetic shit. I have hearing crap like yours all my life. You deserve to be in a sewer with the Muslim rats. It is crap like yours that creates more anti semitism.
Bro Hes 00:34 05.05.2022
USMilitary knows Art. 4, Sec. 4 of USConstitution: to keep a Republican form of Government. We do to defend and protect Americans and their Supreme Law of the Land. Amen אמנ. USAGOP: 99% USMilitary.
pflip521 00:12 05.05.2022
We let these radicals into the country, give them an education, housing, welfare. Then, she tries to destroy the country that has given her everything. Send to Saudi Arabia and let her open her mouth
Henry Lee 00:02 05.05.2022
This woman has ulterior motives to cause much suffering to Israel. She is making use of her post and the unsteady Biden administration to cause chaos in USA Israel relations. A terrorist in disguise
Bacha Cobian 23:46 04.05.2022
What a pathetic excuse of a human being this woman is worse than a donkey (feeling sorry for the donkey) why is she so powerful in here. Why she didn’t do it her own country wherever she came from.
Bobby Barnett 23:42 04.05.2022
She needs to be voted out of office she is against America
23:37 04.05.2022
The United States of America IS A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY….ONLY!!!! IN GOD WE TRUST!!!! You Are Free To Worship Who/What You Want; BUT WE ARE A CHRISTIAN LAW COUNTRY ONLY!!!!🙏❤️🇺🇸🇮🇱🙏😃👍🙏
Peggy Blankenship 23:36 04.05.2022
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