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IDF sources: The chief of staff accelerated an attack plan against the rocket system in Gaza

In the past month, Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi has urged all parties involved in the IDF, including the GSS, to put together a broad and aggressive attack plan to fatally hit Hamas' rockets and Islamic Jihad, according to sources in the General Staff's Operations Division. 

Under the direction of the chief of staff, the plan is expected to significantly offset, already in the early stages of an operation that will erupt in the Gaza Strip, the capabilities of the organizations to launch rockets to any range across the country and on a large scale.

It is likely that Hamas and jihad, with the help of Iran, are working around the clock to rehabilitate the infrastructure for the rocket production that was damaged in Operation Guardian of the Walls and to return to the scope of rocket development experiments prior to the operation and beyond. 

For Hamas, the use of rockets, despite the successful percentage of Iron Dome interceptions, still allow them to disrupt Israel's daily routine and intimidate the public. Therefore, in recent months, they have been making a very big effort to hide the rockets in order to make it difficult for Israeli intelligence and the IDF's attack effort from the air, land and sea.

In a summary of the May Operation Guardian of the Walls investigation, senior officers in the General Staff defined intelligence on the various rocket arrays in the Gaza Strip as a major weakness and some defined it as a "failure." 

By gathering information during the operation, The IDF was able to locate and damage rocket warehouses, but in contrast to thwarting quality attacks from the sea, air and land, in the field of rockets, the IDF was only able to disrupt and not thwart.

For now, Hamas has not yet managed to rehabilitate the long-range rocket production lines but thanks to the opening of the Rafah crossing by the Egyptians, it is a matter of time.

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