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Planting in the Negev has resumed under heavy security; Is this the beginning of the end of the Bennett-Lapid government?

NEWSRAEL: The facts: The JNF has done plantings like this all over Israel and in the Negev. They do not plant on private land. The Bedouins are taking a cue from Arab radicals and Hamas, who is encouraging them to riot.

This report says that the planting of trees is beginning a "crisis" in the coalition since the Arab party in the government coalition, Ra'am, has many voters among the Bedouins in the Negev. Better to have this crisis because of planting trees, then a crisis during a war with Hamas. Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the Bennet-Lapid government?

Walla news reports that after a violent night in the south that included burning vehicles and injuring police officers, JNF work resumed and this morning 3 suspects were arrested after throwing stones. Minister Elkin said in an interview with 103FM that he gives full backing to the Israel Land Authority: "No one is planting trees on private land"

The JNF's forestry work in the Bedouin diaspora was resumed today (Wednesday) under heavy security and high police alert. This, after it was stopped yesterday due to violent riots by the people in the diaspora.

The GSS and police are involved in the investigation into last night's riots. Anyone who harms the police will be arrested and tried."

The issue of plantings provoked a public debate with voices from the government supporting their cessation in front of politicians who expressed support for the JNF's work.

"Planting is an important professional action to preserve the soil, this is an action that has been done for many years, I gave the CEO full backing. "He should not ask politicians when to go out for planting and when not," he said in an interview with 103FM.

After the riots, Foreign Minister Lapid called for an end to planting. Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu called for not stopping the planting of trees and demanded that Bennett condemn the incitement of Ra'am, in his words.

Before that, members of the Likud faction came to the area of the planting as a protest demonstration against the government. The MKs toured the area and helped with some of the JNF's plantings. It has been decided to continue planting, and the decision has provoked a coalition crisis with the Arab party RA'AM.

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